About Us

The Team

The High Rollers is the only banked track Roller Derby team in fabulous Las Vegas. The team consists of former professional players as well as brand new roller skaters. 

The Track

The High Rollers play and practice on an oval banked track. The floor of the track is composed of masonite that is supported by wood and metal framing. The track was used in the opening sequence to Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Skip ahead to 1:58 to see it. 

The track is portable and the team is able to move it for different events. The track has been moved to different states as well as other locations throughout the Las Vegas area so that it can be played on. Here it is in all of its glory at the Texas Station Hotel and Casino in fabulous Las Vegas.  

LV High Rollers Roller Derby

The track requires routine maintenance as well as ensuring that is covered from the elements. In 2008, the track was destroyed by a dust devil (like a small tornado) and it had to be entirely rebuilt. The Las Vegas Sun article about the destruction of the track can be found here.